Plan of Service

In February and March of 2011 the board and staff undertook the process of creating an current plan of service that will direct the Library's focus for the next 5 years. The process included:

  • Hosting a Community Planning Committee Meeting that invited members of our community and surrounding area to participate in a needs assessment for the town and area and then to discuss how the library fits with the needs and how the library can better meet the needs of the community. This meeting was implemented by a external facilitator who then reviewed and submitted the data collected back to the library board.
  • The Board Plan of Service Committee reviewed the Community Planning Committee Meeting results and worked with the Library Manager to create our 5 key service responses that the the Library will focus on for the next five years.
  • From these services responses goals and objectives were created for the library to implement and evaluate in the next five years.

Please find attached a copy of The Town of Irricana Library Boards 2011-2015 Plan of Service.

2017-2022 Plan of Service Document-approved.pdf838.23 KB